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DPC Musical Ensembles

DPC Choir

The DPC choir sings from September through June, and is conducted by Director of Music, Shane G. Trace. They perform in worship each Sunday and for special services such as Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, and Easter. They also perform special concerts throughout the choir season. The DPC choir is comprised of men and women of all different ages and abilities. They perform all genres and styles of music from classical to contemporary. Anyone is welcome to join; being able to read music is not a requirement. The choir rehearses each Thursday from 7-9pm in the church sanctuary.


DPC Praise Team

The DPC Praise Team performs contemporary music selections each Sunday throughout the year. They meet for rehearsal on Thursdays from 6-7pm in the church sanctuary. 

DPC Junior Praise Team

The Junior Praise Team performs contemporary music selections  throughout the year. They meet for rehearsals every other Thursday from 6-7pm in the church sanctuary. 

Kid Klub Singers

Our Kids Klub children and youth perform throughout the year during various services and events. This group is conducted by Shane G. Trace and Nancy Pratt. Rehearsals vary based on participants schedules. Each year the children and youth also perform a Christmas pageant, directed by Lisa Andres.

Concerts at DPC

DPC Concert Series

A yearly concert series is put together each year for church members and the community to enjoy. These concerts are FREE and open to the public. The concerts range from solo instrumental and vocal musicians, to small group, choral, and instrumental ensembles, and are performed by local amateur and professional musicians and musical groups.

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DPC Instruments

Seiler Grand

DPC owns a 6'5 Seiler grand piano, which is used to acconpany

the choir, solo singers and congregational singing. It was given using memorial funds.


Schantz Pipe Organ
DPC owns a 2-manual, 16-rank pipe organ built by the Schantz Company. The instrument was moved and redesigned for the DPC space by the Muller Pipe Organ Company. This organ was a gift from two generous members of the DPC congregation. The organ is suited to play all types of organ repertoire. It is used every Sunday to accompany congregational hymn singing and is used regularly to accompany the choir and solo singers.


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